Notes And Queries 

Title: Notes And Queries
Medium: installation; book (table, light)
Dimensions: variable
Year: 2014

Notes and Queries, 2014 is an exhaustive photographic reproduction of all the pages contained in every edition of Notes and Queries in Anthropology. Guepin binds each distinct volume published from 1874 to 1951 in a single book, where every page of Notes and Queries is framed with a white margin. The thick, giant book-object holds the promise of an archive tracking the development of anthropology as a science, its fields of interests, field methods, and the range of material that constitutes ethnographic artefacts. Yet it remains an impossible, resisting object. The operation of reproducing all the pages without selection and the removal of the separation between the volumes makes it inoperable. Notes and Queries is an opaque archive that frames every reading as a chance-like operation.

(text Alena Alexandrova)

Notes And Queries, installation view Anarcheologies, ENSAPC YGREC Paris, 2015

Notes And Queries, book, photo-copies 2000 pages, 2014